About Brandskyddslaget

Many claim that we at Brandskyddslaget focus on fire and risk assessment. But we don’t see it that way. We focus on the protection of people and property. In that order. Because we want to ensure that no person or building comes to harm.
About Brandskyddslaget
We have been protecting people and property since 1989. Today we are one of Sweden’s largest independent consulting corporations in the field of fire safety, risk assessment and sprinkler design with approximately 80 employees and offices in seven locations throughout Sweden. Together we work towards the objective of being Sweden’s leading knowledge-based company in the field of fire safety. It is not sufficient for us to follow the development of better fire protection and safety for people and society – we aspire to lead that development!

At Brandskyddslaget, we are a team. Indeed, a direct translation of the Swedish name for the company is “Fire Safety Team”. We are dedicated team players who collaborate, using our various competencies to find new solutions to different problems. You as the client are an important part of our team. We are always ready to listen, do our best and keep our promises. Because we are on the same team.

Our clients are comprised of the construction sector’s many stakeholders – property owners, architects, construction companies, technology consultants and project leaders. We accept projects of different sizes and complexities and help everyone from SMEs to large public stakeholders such as municipalities and government authorities. We particularly like clients who can pose a new challenge. Projects that inspire, challenge and develop us. Projects where we have the opportunity to ask our favourite question – why not?

When you choose Brandskyddslaget, you obtain a partner who will have their sole focus and will therefore never compromise, on fire safety and risk assessment. The fact that our services all relate to fire safety also means that we can offer a wide range of experts within our field, for example within the fields of smoke management systems, design of load-bearing structures and fire-resistant glazing. With our combined experience and expertise, we can offer you specially developed efficient solutions that can save both time and money. Solutions that, most importantly, contribute to the protection of people and property.

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Every day that we can prevent a fire or reduce its consequences, is a good day. Welcome to contact us for help with fire safety and risk assessment!

Team Leader Brand Invest and our sister company

The more members are in the team, the stronger the team. This is why we are a member of the Brand Invest corporation together with our teammates at RiskTec. Together we represent a strong team where our knowledge and expertise complement each other so that we can help our clients in the best possible manner.

RiskTec Projektledning

RiskTec, founded in 2015, provides project leaders and offers services in the fields of fire, risk, environmental, quality and personal safety. RiskTec provides technology and procurement support in infrastructure and construction projects.

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