Fire Investigations

What actually went wrong in the case of an incident? A fire is often a life-changing and chaotic experience. In many cases, it is also difficult to evaluate causes and fire development after the event. In such cases, it is important to be able to rely on someone to help define a clear picture as possible of the fire and its surroundings. This is where Brandskyddslaget comes into the picture.
Through our collective experience of firefighting, building development and research, we can offer a full range of services within fire investigation including reconstruction of events and fire development. We can evaluate how the fire protection performed – or should have performed – in the event of a fire.

Fire investigation is a very broad and varied field. It can entail everything from the evaluation of human-technology or human-structure interfaces to simulations and reconstructions of events and the fire itself.

Our clients represent many different stakeholders, including but not limited to: insurance companies, assessors, energy or electricity production specialists, manufacturers, municipalities, government agencies (such as the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority), and legal firms, just to name a few.

Here are some examples of our services within the field of fire investigation:

  • Fire Cause Assessment – Where did the fire begin? What caused the fire in the first place?
  • Investigation and description of the origin to the fire and its development.
  • Study and evaluation of technical fire protection – was it designed according to the existing regulations? Did the technical systems work as designed?
  • Study and description of the fire development including suggestions for alternative or supplementary fire protection solutions, e.g. should the structure be rebuilt?
  • How did people behave during the event and how did this impact on the development of the fire (interviews and reconstructions)?
  • Modelling and reconstruction of fire developing using CFD-models.
  • Using computer simulations and on-site investigations, we can contribute to creating a clear picture of the residual capacity of load-bearing structures and determine the potential for reconstruction using the existing building framework.
Fire Investigations

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