Risk Assessment

Both people and buildings can be affected by different types of accidents. This is part of life and something which can never be entirely avoided. However, it is possible to minimise the risks by preventative measures. Brandskyddslaget can help you determine the best prevention for your application.
We are experienced at analysing different types of risk, including but not limited to dangerous goods transport and hazardous operations. We can conduct analyses according to the Swedish Regulation on Protection against Accidents and the European Seveso Regulation and develop routines and training to prepare for and manage crises and emergencies. We can provide support at the start of a project, in the planning process difference phases and during operations of facilities and infrastructure.

Risk Mitigation during the Planning Process

We conduct analyses and help you with advice both during the early stages of a project, e.g. before a purchase of premises and throughout the different phases of the planning process. We are experienced at working with different types of clients including but not limited to Municipalities, Building Developers and Architects. We conduct analyses qualitatively (mainly in the early stages) or quantitatively where we calculate the level of risk in terms of both the risk to individuals and society. Based on the calculated level of risk we can provide an evaluation of that risk and propose how it can be mitigated. We work on different types of objects – everything from individual buildings to complex projects covering whole suburban areas.

Hazardous Operations

We conduct analyses of hazardous operations according to the Swedish Regulation on Protection Against Accidents and the European Seveso Regulation. These analyses focus on prevention of the risk of an accident or reduction of the consequences should an accident occur despite preventative measures. Such analyses are always conducted together with key stakeholders responsible for operations.

Emergency Management

We can help you to develop routines to manage an emergency. Further, we can provide support for training and practical exercises tailored to your specific needs. When accidents occur, despite the best preparation, it is very important to have good routines in place to minimise potential injury to staff and property. Practical exercises ensure that co-workers feel confident in implementing existing routines and allows them to test the routines in non-threatening situations.

We also specialise in the management of flammable products, with more information available here.

Risk Assessment

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