Sprinkler Design

The greatest value of sprinkler systems in buildings is the fact that they represent a cost-effective solution to save lives and property in case of fire. There are, however, other advantages to sprinklers, for example to protect the environment. At Brandskyddslaget we help you to find the right sprinkler system for your application.
We help you with the design of a suitable and cost-effective solution. With a focus on your specific needs we can develop both standard and innovative solutions to suit your project. We are knowledgeable of both national and international regulations, and our team includes several sprinkler engineers certified according to the Swedish Fire and Security Certification system (“SBSC-certified”). In other words, no problems are too large or complex for us to tackle!

Tailored Solutions

We have long experience of working on special risks. This includes detailed planning of gas leak systems and water mist, point protection of machinery and protection of specific processes. With our knowledge and expertise, we can help you to develop bespoke solutions, tailored to your specific needs.

System Development and Evaluation

We help you to develop your concept for a new sprinkler system. This includes determination of the boundary conditions for your system, and design of the system and its components at an early stage. We can help you with advice, third-party evaluation, and investigation. Independent of how we help you, we are always focused on your needs and on designing the best possible solution for your project.

Detailed Planning

We have broad experience of detailed planning of both small and large projects. Using the latest 3D CAD-technology, we develop detailed drawings for your facility. We also work with the Building Information Model (BIM) coordination to improve the efficiency of your project.

Sprinkler Design

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